Monday, April 8, 2013

House Update!

Thought I would give the update on some projects we are working on.  First off, this is the table I found at an antique fair for $29!!!  Sweet.  It is at the top of my stairs.  Fits perfectly.
 We also finally hung up Ethan and Grant's magnet board.  We need to get some molding to make a frame to finish this one off.
 This is the dining room.  We painted it gray and the ceiling inset a darker shade.  I have ordered a stencil, so will keep you posted on that project.  We love the gray though.  Very sophisticated.

Clark's Room!

We finally finished Clark's room.  We got him a desk and hung up the stuff we had for his room.  Turned out great.  So cute.  Now we just need to keep it clean!  


We took a trip to Disneyland and had a great time.  Got to see G & G too.  Both of the boys did the Jedi Academy.  Really fun.  Ethan and Eric spent most of their time running from roller coaster to roller coaster.  I think they rode the Screamer 10 times.  I, meanwhile, stayed with the other kids and did the safe rides.  It was a great trip.

Ethan's Mission!

Ethan is in 4th grade now, so that means that this is the Mission Project year.  He did such a great job!  His mission was San Gabriel Archangel in Pasadena.  He visited it over Christmas break while at G & G's.  He had to write a report and make model.  Great job Ethan!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Clark's first lost tooth!

Somehow Clark bumped his tooth and it needed either a root canal or we could just pull it out since it was a baby tooth.  Here are the results.  Now he looks like every other kid in his class, except that his permanent tooth won't come in for a couple of years!

Memories at Leatherby's

We had a groupon to Leatherby's and finally used it with the kids.  They were loving it.  Pretty fun, great choices of ice cream!

Pinewood Derby #2

This is Ethan's second year of the Pinewood Derby.  He decided to do a wedge of cheese car with mold on it.  It looked cool.  Definitely the most creative car.