Monday, April 8, 2013

House Update!

Thought I would give the update on some projects we are working on.  First off, this is the table I found at an antique fair for $29!!!  Sweet.  It is at the top of my stairs.  Fits perfectly.
 We also finally hung up Ethan and Grant's magnet board.  We need to get some molding to make a frame to finish this one off.
 This is the dining room.  We painted it gray and the ceiling inset a darker shade.  I have ordered a stencil, so will keep you posted on that project.  We love the gray though.  Very sophisticated.


Laura Earl said...

Totally loving the gray! Can't wait to see what you are doing on the rest...sounds really cool!!! And sweet deal on the table...score :)

kris nielsen said...

Beautiful!! I tried four different grays and couldn't get it right, so I ended up painting the family room/kitchen "classic taupe". Oh well, I'll use gray accents.